Norma to Marilyn front72dpi.png
Norma to Marilyn side72dpi.png
Norma to Marilyn
alternative stripper rug.jpg
Alternative stripper_front.png
Alternative stripper_side.png
Alternative stripper
Birth of an Icon sketch low res.jpg
Birth of an icon front lowres.png
Birth of an icon side1 lowres.png
Birth of an icon
Cake toppers for fellow artist and designer Cait Peterson
United Russia front.jpg
United Russia
Russian Spy? Doll front.jpg
Russian spy?
The classes of Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge
Blonde Stripper Doll sketchV2 - Yana Elkassova.jpg
Blonde Stripper Russian Doll- Front.jpg
Blonde stripper
burlesque stripper doll sketch.png
Burlesque stripper
50s Housewife
Russian mail-order bride
European female leaders
Personalised nesting-egg piece for a hindu wedding
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