'50s Housewife' at the Multiplied Art Fair 2010, Christie's, London

'The Classes of Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge' at the New York Affordable Art Fair in 2013. Featured in BuzzFeed and Arts Observer.

Detail of one of my picture book illustrations. Featured in Amelia's Magazine review of my Degree Show.


Affordable Art Fair, New York - 3rd to 6th April 2014
Affordable Art Fair, Singapore - 21st to 24th November 2013
Affordable Art Fair, New York - 3rd to 7th April 2013                                
Dazed and Refused, The Arch Gallery, London - 20th to 30th June 2012  
Contemporary Art Exhibition, Dolphin Square, London - 15th to 17th July 2011
Buy Art Fair, Manchester - 28th to 31st October 2010                                    
Multiplied Art Fair at Christie’s, London - 15th to 18th October 2010                      
Save Our Souls, the Camberwell Degree show, London - 8th to 11th July 2010     


Theasaurus makes the OMazing Kids' App List for SLPs in the Vocabulary category
31st December 2016

4/5 star review of Theasaurus by Best Apps for Kids
"Theasaurus is a unique educational app… [and] has tons of educational value."
Written by Lamisha Serf-Walls
2nd April 2015

4.5/5 star review of Theasaurus by the iMums
"I enjoyed Theasaurus very much. It is an excellent app for building vocabulary
that is necessary for creative writing. I recommend it to parents and teachers,
and I definitely look forward to more apps from Elk & Key."
"My daughter, who is 8, enjoys this game... this game was perfect for my older children, ages 10 and 13"
Written by Fides of the iMums
17th March 2015

Developer Interview with Yana Elkassova and Dale Markey of Elk & Key
Written by Mary of the iMums 
6th February 2015

10 Places To Buy Amazing Art Online
"...these Kate Middleton Russian nesting dolls are already sold out"
'The Classes of Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge' was featured in this BuzzFeed article by Hillary Reinsberg
25th September 2013

Affordable Art Fair: An accessible way to start collecting
'The Classes of Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge was featured in this Arts Observer article by Victoria L. Valentine
7th April 2013

I catch a glass grenade for you
"Eyestorm also offers Yana Elkassova's witty riffs on the traditional Russian Matrioshka doll"
By Art into life, featuring the 'EU Female Leaders', 'Mail Order Bride' and 'Blonde Stripper' dolls
15th January 2012

50s Housewife Russian Dolls
"The dolls were created by artist Yana Elkassova, taking inspiration from her Russian heritage and using it to humorously show ideas of womanhood."
By Retro to Go
3rd January 2011

Save Our Souls – Camberwell College of Arts Illustration Degree Show Review
"Yana Elkassova is one for all those fans of old Ladybird books - a clear inspiration on this extremely talented illustrator who mixes retro hyperrealism with a dash of darkness. She also had some wonderful custom made Russian dolls on show"
Written by Amelia Gregory in Amelia's Magazine
4th August 2010

Save Our Souls – Camberwell College of Arts Illustration Exhibition
"Yana produces playful illustrations for children's books, made up of beautiful pencil crayon sketches, but it was her fabulous Russian Doll series that had me drawn (illustration pun intended) to her little section. Two sets of dolls appeared, one saucy Burlesque stripper, complete with flirtatious wink and hands-behind-back-undoing-of-bra, and a 1950s housewife going about her domestic duties."
Written by Matt Bramford in Amelia's Magazine
28th July 2010